Caroline Ashbaugh O'Neill - Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner

HypnoBirthing is a simple, straightforward program, thoughtfully developed over the years to remind mothers of the simplicity of birth itself. Just as the majority of birthing women do not need interventions and procedures for safe and healthy birth, they do not need a complex set of exercises and scripts to prepare themselves for peaceful, calm and comfortable birthing. The birthing body and the baby know just what to do.

HypnoBirthing is designed to teach women to trust in Nature's way of birth and to relax and let their bodies do what is needed. By practicing a few key techniques, mothers program their minds and condition their bodies to birth easily. When it comes to programming and conditioning, variety is not necessarily a good thing. Repetition is what gets the best result. 

"While some moms may think they should only take this class before their first baby, or only if you want a natural birth, I'm here to tell you not necessarily to both! This class was invaluable when preparing for my second birth. The breathing techniques and knowledge gained were so helpful in the delivery. Without this class, I would have had a completely different birth experience. I felt in control, calm and confident as I birthed my baby. Going into the delivery, I had hoped for an unmedicated birth, but later opted for an epidural. This was the right choice for me and I have no regrets. Caroline is a gift to all who have the opportunity to take her class. Don't hesitate to sign up whether it's your first baby or last. There's so much we can all gain from this course."  -- Lucy

Have You Had Any of These Thoughts?

I want to have an unmedicated birth.

I don’t know what I want, I might get an epidural.

I am getting an epidural.

I want to know more about the birthing process.

Does birth have to be extremely painful?

I wasn’t happy with my previous birth experience.

I have had an unmedicated birth but it was hard.  Can I really have less pain?

I want to make educated decisions about my birth.

I am scared of labor and birth.  How can I get past this?

This class is for you!

This class is not only for those looking for an unmedicated birth.  The goal  is to help you feel calm and confident as you birth your baby, whatever your path may be!

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